1926 E. M. Skinner Organ, Op. 597

Founded in 1901 by Ernest M. Skinner (1866-1960), the Skinner Organ Company of Boston was the organ builder of choice for prestigious churches, schools, and civic institutions in America. Our instrument, Op. 597, was designed specifically for St. Paul’s Memorial Church in 1926, and built at Skinner's satellite plant in Westfield, MA. It was a modest-sized instrument of 31 speaking stops, with preparations for another eight stops to be added at a future time, to complete its musical qualities. A partial restoration was completed in the 1980s, and several additions were made. Currently, there are 39 ranks and 2,621 pipes and the entire original instrument is extant.

The A. Thompson-Allen firm of New Haven, CT has made recent strides toward bringing the instrument closer to its conceived style and balance. As it approaches its centennial, plans are underway for a full restoration of this classic instrument.

Jane Rotch Memorial Chamber Organ 

The Jane Rotch Memorial Chamber Organ is the primary instrument for our chapel but can move into the nave for special services and concerts. This small, beautifully crafted pipe organ was manufactured in the 1980s by the Dutch firm Flentrop, a leading builder of mechanical action organs. It was acquired by St. Paul’s in 2019, as a memorial to parishioner Jane Rotch, and was restored by Christopher Bono of Staunton, VA. There is one manual (no pedals) of 54 notes/keys, with 3 stops:

  • 8’ gedekt - wooden pipes (C - d) and metal pipes (d# - f’’’) 

  • 4’ fluit - stopped metal pipes (C - b) and open metal pipes (c’ - f’’’) 

  • 2’ octaav - open metal pipes (C - f’’’)